Should we be humanitarians?

What does being a humanitarian mean? Why should we be humanitarians? What forces are for or against humanitarians? 

A recent report issued by the Harvard Law School Program on International Law and Armed Conflict (PILAC) highlights the complexity of these questions. The report indicates that doctors who provide medical aid to wounded enemies now face prosecution. This raises a question—is there a general humanitarian principle that we should commit to above all else?

At the Music Without Borders 2016 Toronto ConcertDr. James Orbinski will speak to us about why youth should be humanitarians. But we are also interested in your thoughts on these questions. So we invite you to submit posts (max 500 words, could also be multi-media) to start a conversation about humanitarianism on our blog. 

USMC Archives, “Navy Corpsman Rendering Aid, Tarawa, November 1943,”  Flickr ,   CC BY 2.0.

USMC Archives, “Navy Corpsman Rendering Aid, Tarawa, November 1943,” FlickrCC BY 2.0.