Support MSF to Help the Displaced!

            The migrant crisis in the Middle East, specifically Syria, has become a worldwide issue.  No longer can we say, “Oh, I can’t do anything about that because it is far, far away from here.”  The world has become smaller, and more and more now, others’ troubles and sufferings have become our troubles and sufferings.  The people of Europe, though they used to think they were far away from and detached from the issues in the Middle East, now realize that the problems and troubles of the area of the Fertile Crescent are much closer to them than they thought.  The Syrian refugees, migrating and flooding up through Turkey and southern Europe, are desperate for a chance to escape the conflict happening near their homes.  According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), there are at least 7.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Syria, as of July 2015.  Consider the fact that this information is already a few months old, and that the conflict in this area has probably escalated.  More and more of these IDP’s will want to come to the West, to Europe.  This issue has become worldwide, and humanity has to work together to solve it, because if we don’t, millions of people will not only be let down, but also they will either die or be hurt in a conflict that they did nothing to provoke.  We HAVE to work together, wherever we live, because soon this issue will spread to near us.  MSF (Doctors Without Borders) is aiding in the effort to help refugees find shelter and temporary housing. If not actively helping, we should raise awareness and money for organizations fighting on the front lines of this battle.  But this is also a global conflict, with many refugees fleeing from different places all around the world. We have to take action.  —N.B.M.