Featured Performer—Adithya Chakravarthy

Adithya Chakravarthy will open the Music Without Borders concert with a chant from the ancient Carnatic music tradition. He has won many Carnatic music competitions throughout North America. Most recently he placed first in both the 2014 Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, and the 2013 Carnatic Music Idol USA. Here is what he said about why he is helping Music Without Borders:

"The Ebola Crisis has claimed over 10,000 African lives. I have always believed that when people are suffering, we should do all that we can to alleviate their suffering in whatever way we can. This concert provides me with an opportunity to contribute to this cause. I will share a song from the ancient Carnatic Music tradition. Carnatic Music is an ancient Indian Classical art form that is deeply rooted in Indian culture and heritage. The great Carnatic composers used music as a vehicle to express their thoughts and as a result, many of these songs can contain some very profound messages. By sharing some of India’s rich heritage with you through Carnatic Music, I hope to spread love, so that we can all reach out and help those who are in need. By being a part of Music Without Borders’ concert, I hope to contribute by raising awareness and funds to help fight for this noble cause."

Here is a clip of him chanting.