Truth-seeking and Reconciling through the Arts

Connecting our earlier blog “Should we be humanitarians?” to the story of Canada: the relationship between Canada and its aboriginal peoples is one of the biggest humanitarian challenges faced by Canadians. The historical displacement of numerous aboriginal children from their families through the residential school system is an example of that challenge. With the release of its Final Report in December 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada called on all of us to extend that formal process of truth seeking and reconciliation into our everyday life. At Music Without Borders, we believe a turn to the arts—just like the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s new production “Going Home Star”—is one way of creating connections and dialogue, and the future of reconciliation depends on the engagement of today’s youth in this process. At the upcoming Toronto Music Without Borders Concert, we will explore the art of drumming in First Nations and Japanese culture—their unique distinctions and common ground. Come join us and be part of this unifying experience at the Music Without Borders Concert on April 2, 2016!