Do Humanitarians Build Peace?

One idea about being a humanitarian that gets thrown around a lot is the work of peace building. As the following two posts—one about Youth Peacebuilders Network and one about Peace News Kids—indicate, peace building can start small.


Youth Peacebuilders Network

As part of my Grade 9 Leadership Class I took part in a YPN (Youth Peacebuilders Network) workshop. YPN is a network of youth who want to be actively changing social constructs within their neighbourhoods, communities, cities, nations and the world at large to create a more peaceful and unified planet. The daylong workshop was a chance to be introduced to YPN, its mission and values and be given the opportunities, skills and support to begin building peace. It was one of the most interesting and fun days of that school year. Right from the beginning of the day till the end, the environment of the workshop was very comfortable, casual and open. The activities were all mostly discussion based and interactive like games and skits. We were also given booklets with activities and materials for future use. The best part of the day was the fact that, because the setting was so open, many people felt comfortable sharing opinions or ideas. This allowed for a lot more positive brainstorming and interaction even when talking about opposing or controversial views.

Having a whole day dedicated to talking about and creating peace was extremely inspiring and we wanted to continue the work even after the day was over. To do this our class created multiple “Peace Projects,” which included spreading thoughts and actions of peace throughout our school community using cupcakes with positive messages and throughout the world with multiple YouTube videos. The videos are on the channel Possible Peace and we hope you will be inspired to spread peace in your own way! YPN was an eye opening experience and I wish all students could have the chance to participate one day. 

—by M.F.D.


What is Peace News Kids?

Hi! My name is Carmel.

I started Peace News Kids about a year ago. My sister and I created PNK because we felt that the news portrayed war-zones as...well, war-zones! They said that entire countries displayed violence to one another and loved fighting! Isn’t that crazy?! It isn’t in human nature to destroy other human beings. Yet, people unfortunately still do it.

It is impossible for an entire country to be “bad”. Even in the most violent areas, there are still signs of peace and hope. We created PNK because instead of telling everybody about how hopeless and bad war is, we want to tell people how there is hope. There are good people out there. Wherever there is war, there are also people trying to make things better. Since the news prefers to cover the negative things, we try to show people that there is a positive side. There is hope even in the most desperate of situations. At PNK we work to bring the good stuff into the light.