World Without Borders

Have you noticed our url doesn’t have a “s” after “border”?

That’s because “Music Without Borders” is already taken.


We may be special and have potential

But our name is not that special. 

Already, there are:

Music Without Borders,

Musicians Without Borders,

and Artists Without Borders.


Try googling “no borders”

more than a million hits will come up in the counter.


Here is a short list in no particular order:

Doctors Without Borders,

Reporters without borders,

Engineers Without Borders,


Also there are:

Water Without Borders,

Rivers Without Borders,

Love Without Borders, and

Kangaroos Without Borders.

These ones are quite obvious.


There are even:

Plumbers Without Borders,

Pirates Without Borders,

and Geeks Without Borders!


If you live in a world that has lots of borders,

it’s like being trapped in a box.

And like a little pet,

you must follow all orders!


Before Google,

we knew little of what's beyond our borders.

Now that we know,

we should come out of our small little corners.


Let's come together and be in one world,

with no bad orders,


— By J.M.

Youth action

If you want to be part of youth action, be willing

For service is like food –

You never have your filling

The power of will has


Since we are youth we have unlimited potential

Our brains eagerly want to do good and

Making change for the better is a


Doing good is like a speck of light – it’s essential

Don’t let the dark swallow you up

For they could use you against good

And you would be like a helpless pup

So take a stand and have courage to rise up

All Youth have the potential to think beyond all


For serving the world




– By S.J.M.